Alberto Gianfreda

Alberto Gianfreda is an artist and a professor of Sculpture Techniques at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. He was one the two artists selected to spend the month of October 2018 in London within Art Apartment's Art Residency London is Open. The project he developed during the residency is a vision of the capacity to resist and to adapt even during a phase of separation and fragmentation such as Brexit. 

During his exploration of London, he put together a group of vases from different areas of London in various shapes. He then fragmented and recomposed each vase, rebuilding it around a metallic chain. The movable chains allow the new structures to move and to be reshaped.

 The recorded sounds of the vases being broken brought the viewer into an immersive experience. The sounds were all alike with no possibility to recognise their original sources . They eventually appeared in the last room. The heterogeneous group of eight vases was fragmented, but made more precious due to its differences, which mirrored those of the city of London.