Alex Urso

Alex Urso is a visual artist currently living and working in Warsaw, Poland. He works predominantly in the medium of collage, assemblage, and installation. He was one the two artists selected to spend the month of October 2018 in London within Art Apartment's Art Residency London is Open.

During his art residency, he worked on two projects. Firstly, he created a drape combining the Greater London flag and the Refugee Nation flag. Urso’s draps combine the two flags putting together the colours of one and the shapes of the other.

In the second part of the residency, he focused on The Welcome Project, a performative action involving London's citizens. He knocked at Londoners’ doors asking them to swap their doormats with new ones with the simple sentence “Welcome.”  Accepting to exchange the doormats, each house-owner agreed to embrace the idea of London as an open and welcoming place. The final result was a mosaic of doormats representing Londoners' willingness to be or not to be open.